Pastoral Care

A family…that is what New Life is all about! At the heart of every family is love. Our love for the Lord and for each other brings us together and makes the good times sweeter and also helps us through the tough ones.

At New Life, you’ll find that being a part of a family is a great feeling. There’s the comfort of knowing that you’re surrounded by people who love you and who care about you. Our Pastoral Care Ministries are designed to minister to your needs at every stage of life.

Biblical Guidance Ministry

The Biblical Guidance Office provides confidential counseling based on sound Biblical principles for those coping with life’s stresses and difficulties. New Life’s ministers in the Biblical Guidance Office, as well as specially trained lay members, are available to assist those in crisis. In addition, Connect Groups are offered to help meet a variety of needs. Connect Groups meet at their selected times and dates. For more information or to request an appointment with Biblical Guidance, contact Pastor Terry Eubanks at (706) 738-2526.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Lifting up the special needs of our families is an important part of New Life’s Intercessory Prayer Ministry. If you have a need in which you would like our Intercessory Prayer Ministry to intercede, please contact us at (706) 738-2526, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or you may submit a Prayer Request.

Hospital Ministry

The Pastoral Care staff extends compassion and prayer by visiting those who are hospitalized in the local area. Recent changes in the law have limited the information hospitals can give to those requesting information about patients; therefore, it is necessary to contact the Pastoral Care Office to report any admissions or surgical procedures. You may contact the office at (706) 738-2526. Visits are normally made within twenty-four hours of notification; however, quicker response is offered there is an emergency. You may also submit a Prayer Request.

Benevolence Ministry

Unexpected circumstances occasionally create special financial needs. The Benevolence Ministry seeks to provide financial assistance and/or Biblically-based guidance for members to help them in crisis situations.

You may contact (706) 738-2526, for answers to questions you may have about making a request for assistance.

Homebound Ministry

The Pastoral Care staff extends personal ministry by regularly visiting those members who are confined to home or in facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living. In addition to the Pastoral Care staff, homebound ministry volunteers maintain regular contact with these members through monthly visits, cards, and phone calls. If you would like to participate as a homebound ministry volunteer, please contact (706) 738-2526, to learn how you can become a part of this rewarding ministry.

Hospice Ministry

When members are diagnosed with a terminal illness and are placed in Hospice care, New Life works with Hospice personnel to provide prayerful, compassionate, and supportive ministry to both the terminally ill member and their family through the Pastoral Care Office. Contact (706) 738-2526, ext. 3325, to let the Pastoral Care Office know when someone has been placed in Hospice care.

Bereavement Ministry

Families share their grief at the passing away of a loved one. The New Life family is no exception. We endeavor to wrap our caring arms of faith and comfort around families who have suffered loss. When we are made aware of a loss, one of the Pastoral Care staff immediately attempts to contact a family member to express our condolences in the loss, to pray for the family, and to offer any assistance that the family may request.  To notify the Pastoral Care office of a death, contact our office at (706) 738-2526. You may also submit a Prayer Request.