2018 Prophetic Conference

“Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives—especially the ability to prophesy.” 1 Corinthians 14:1

God is speaking, but have we tuned our hearts to hear His voice? God speaks to us in different ways. He speaks to us through the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and through people.

The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14 that we all should desire to prophesy. Why? Prophecy encourages, edifies and instills hope. Prophecy isn’t for a select few. It’s for the entire body of Christ. Everyone can prophesy, but not everyone is a prophet. Where some are called to preach, to be evangelists, to teach, some are also called to be prophets.

We are blessed to have two prophetic voices coming to us August 16-18 at New Life Church’s Gateway Campus. Prophets Ed Traut and Andre Bronkhorst are ministering through the preaching of God’s Word and through prophecy.

Prophet Ed Traut

Prophet Andre Bronkhorst

Prophet Ed Traut has been operating as a renowned leader and teacher in the prophetic for over 30 years. His international ministry, Prophetic Life Ministries, has been acutely involved in training up prophetic people in a healthy way. His travels have taken him far and wide across the US, South Africa and Europe and he currently resides with his beautiful wife, Louisa, in San Antonio, Texas.

Prophet Andre Bronkhorst has been in full-time ministry for 18 years and resides in Mossel Bay, South Africa with his wife, Zandia, and two sons, Zandre & Josh. He is an ordained and recognized minister with Prophetic Life Ministries and has a history of prophetic clarity and integrity.

Conference Schedule:

Thursday, August 16th – 7 PM

Friday, August 17th – 10 AM & 7 PM

Saturday, August 18th – 10 AM

Ed & Andre will also minister individually Sunday at both Gateway & Central Campuses.