Prayer – Prayer is the most important thing we do.  For us, it is more than listing our desires and needs before God, it is partnering with God to see His will done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).  We pray a half hour before each service and on Tuesdays at 11am at Central Campus. 

Spirit-Led Lifestyle – We believe in the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and we believe a relationship with God begins only when a person places their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation (Romans 10:9-10).  However, a person “lives by the Spirit” to fulfill their calling as a child of God (Romans 8:14).  We make room for the Holy Spirit in our services by allowing His gifts to be in operation (see 1 Corinthians 12), and we encourage believers to have a daily relationship with Him by walking in the Spirit and praying in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16; Ephesians 6:18; Jude 1:20).

Faith –  “The just shall live by faith” (Galatians 3:11, NKJV).  The Bible teaches that it’s through faith that we gain access into the things of God.  All of us are required to have faith for salvation, and we also use it to attain the promises of God.      

Diversity –  We celebrate all ages and ethnic groups!  We feel we are most like heaven when we have a diverse group of believers worshipping together (Revelation 7:9).   

Saved People, Serve People –  “The son of man came not to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10:45, NKJV).  As followers of Jesus, we are called to serve.  Serving happens in many different ways.  Our hope is that those who partner with us would get involved in one of our ministries.  

It Starts Here, But It Doesn’t Stay Here –  We are called to be witnesses not only in our city, but in the world!  We are doing this by leading and partnering with missions projects in Kenya, Peru, Aruba, and Belize.  

The Blessed Life –  The atonement provided in the cross goes deeper than the forgiveness and washing of sins.  It promises healing and blessing.  We believe that the salvation offered by Jesus extends to every area of life (Isaiah 53: 4-10; John 10:10; 3 John 2).  


With an electrical engineering degree and a fashion merchandising degree, full-time ministry wasn’t what Pastors Bryan and Rhonda Matthews planned to do with their lives, but God had other plans!  After being filled with the Holy Spirit in the 80s, they both began serving as volunteer youth pastors, and in February 12, 1995 they started JAM Ministries, which later became New Life Church. 

Pastor Bryan has used his engineering skills to oversee all of New Life’s building projects.  He also is majorly involved in the church’s mission program to Kenya.  He is the key visionary and primary Bible teacher at New Life Church.  Pastor Rhonda has played a key role in worship, prayer, and young adult ministry.  She wrote Prayer, A Holy Occupation in 2013 and is in the process of founding a School of the Spirit in Aruba.  Together, they have one son and one daughter-in-love, Carter and Elizabeth Ann Matthews.