September 9th | Central Campus | Wednesdays 7pm

Shame, guilt, and fear make us keep things hidden. However, God wants us to bring the things we struggle with into the light so we can be healed. On September 9th we are offering the Conquer Series to the men of New Life. This class is about dismantling the chains of porn addiction. The group, led by Roy Barrett, fosters a safe environment for men to get real about the issues men face in their sexuality. Click here to sign up!



September 16th | Central Campus | Wednesdays 6:30pm

You don’t have to be in debt, and you can make smart financial decisions that set you up for a bright future regardless of your income. We are offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University starting September 16th. Louie Ramos is leading this nine week life-changing class. The class will help you learn how to save money, get out of debt, invest for the future and build wealth. This class will take place Wednesday nights at 6:30pm Central Campus.

Click here to sign up!