Burn Unit

The Burn Unit Outreach group works together to prepare food to serve approximately 20 people, one day each month.  Whether you can provide a main dish, a side or two, dessert, drink, or a combination of any of that – this is an opportunity to minister and tremendously bless those who are living in our community while their loved one is receiving health care. Click here to sign up!

Cafe Ministry
The Cafe Ministry Team brings all five senses to the forefront each Sunday.  Team members set up our cafe area each Sunday so that partners and guests are greeted with the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee.  They help to provide a welcoming atmosphere that encourages relationship-building among those attending services.   Team members’ friendly interactions make everyone feel welcome, and coupling that with a cup of coffee in the hand brings a comforting, relaxed feeling. Click here to sign up!
Connect Team
The Connect Team exists to connect people to New Life and to each other.  As a member of the connect team, you will  provide information on upcoming activities and events and assist people in getting engaged at New Life.  Participating on the connect team gives you an exciting opportunity to meet many people and help them to find where they will flourish!  Connect team members are essentially a “one-stop-shop” for information on anything to do with New Life Church, and serve to help encourage and motivate others to find where they belong. Click here to sign up!
One of the first points of contact guests and members have is with those serving as a greeter.  Your smile and welcoming handshake helps those walking through our doors feel comfortable!  Make a warm and inviting difference right from the beginning by being a part of this active and friendly team. Click here to sign up!
Hospitality Team
Hospitality team members serve those in the congregation to make their experience at church comfortable.  Team members greet partners and guests at the sanctuary doors before service, assist the ushers in greeting guests during service, and help care for those attending during prayer times at the altar.  Team members work together to keep the environment in the sanctuary welcoming.  The gift of hospitality is an important one that makes a tremendous impact on others.   If you have a heart to love and serve others, this may be the ministry team for you! Click here to sign up!
Project Life

Project Life, previously known as HPSO, is a ministry that serves as God’s hands extended – not as a hand out, but as a hand up. We serve New Life partners and members of the community who have food and clothing needs.  We also receive donations of clean, gently-used clothing and shoes of all sizes.  We also receive donations of household items and furniture.  There are many ways you can volunteer to serve in this ministry. Click here to sign up!  

New Life’s Production ministry team uses various media formats to stream services locally and globally.  This team works together to use audio, video, lighting, and staging to propel the gospel forward.  If you enjoy the technical side of ministry or have a knack for technology, this might be just the ministry for you. Click here to sign up!
New Life Kids
As part of this team, you will take part in presenting fun, engaging activities that clearly communicate biblical truths.  It is our hope that we can be the spark that ignites a deeper sense of identity, belonging, and love for God in each and every child we serve.  Each child is important and New Life Kids team members play an active and vital role in helping each child discover a deeper understanding of God and His love.  Click here to sign up!
New Life Kids (First Class Friends)

Our First Class Friends program exists to help children with special challenges attending New Life Church. We understand that children diagnosed with Autism and Aspergers have specific needs that are unique to each child. We have specific classrooms for kids who might find large groups overwhelming. Our workers are trained to give each child a first class experience regardless of their needs.  Click here to sign up!

The Security Ministry Team operates to provide a safe, secure, and peaceful environment for the congregation and visitors of New Life Church.  The team responds to security issues with compassion, prayer, and diligence while being respectful at all times. Click here to sign up!
Our ushers offer a personal touch in the congregation.  As part of the Ushers Ministry Team, you will help the team serve the congregation by receiving the offering, welcoming those new to New Life, assisting during times of communion, and helping with seating and other concerns during the service.  It is so rewarding to be a part of this team which is such a blessing to our church body! Click here to sign up!
Van Ministry
The van ministry team serves on Sundays.  As part of this team, you will use the church van to pick up people who are in need of a ride, and bring them to church.   What a blessing to meet the need of helping those who desire fellowship with the church body!  Giving someone a ride to church may seem a simple task, but it provides a multitude of rewards that impacts generations! Click here to sign up!