Hey! Hey! Hey! I wanted to share with you where we currently stand as a children’s ministry. 

I believe with all my heart we are entering into some of our greatest days. I can feel the expectation of breakthrough all around!  In the middle of every adversity, rest assured, greatness is born!
As you all are aware, Tessa had planned to take the position of overseeing our children’s department after arriving back home this week from Africa.  After much prayer and consideration, she feels that taking time off to help with her family is her “now” assignment and we stand with her!
With this being said, she will not take the position of Children’s Pastor.  I know the Lord is directing Tessa as well as providing for our Children’s Ministry too.  He wants the best for both.
So what does this mean?  Even in the midst of transition, we will be growing, getting a facelift and moving forward.  
For Central Campus, Amy Herrington will oversee scheduling for our Elementary Team and Carrie Muse will continue to oversee scheduling for our Preschool until further notice and I will be playing a large role especially on Wednesday nights.
We covet your prayers for continued direction as we move forward.  Be assured you are on a winning team and we are growing to a new level.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.  I will do my best to provide you with answers.  I will continue to communicate to you along the way.
I would ask that each of your write any suggestions and areas of improvement that you see are needed so that we can address these as well.
Say with me……the camels are coming!  Provision is coming! Wisdom is coming! Teachers are coming! A move of God and miracles are coming by the 5, 10s, 20’s, 50’s and 100’s….camels represent provision so let’s keep saying…..THE CAMELS ARE COMING!
All My Heart,
Ps Amy