“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be provided for you.” – Matthew 6:33

Learning to know the voice of the Holy Spirit is not something that’s limited to adults. We believe students can be trained to hear the voice of God as well. This is why we offer services for Middle and High School students that are both passionate and powerful.


Wednesday at 7 PM | Central Campus

Pastors Derek and Jessica Rice lead this group. It meets every Wednesday at 7pm for midweek service with a fun and anointed leadership team. They connect with students through the preaching of the Word, worship, games, and events throughout the year.

To learn about upcoming YTH events, you can sign up below or follow on Instagram. You can also watch our YTH services live on YouTube.

The LIFT Tour 2023


Our students have the opportunity to participate in a youth conference put on by Student Leadership University called “The LIFT Tour”. This conference is hosted locally by Abilene Baptist Church and takes place on March 17th-18th. The cost is $50 per student.

The Lift Tour 2023 PromoThe Lift Tour 2023 Promo