Our Story

Pastors Bryan and Rhonda served as volunteer youth pastors many years before they stepped into the role of lead pastors.  They never intended to start a church, but God had other plans.  It was during a prophetic conference they received their first call.  

“I am giving you the heart of a shepherd.  But first, I am going to cause you to work with young people.  Be faithful in this for I will make you a pastor says the Lord.  You will teach them my Word and instruct them in my Word.”

—Prophecy, April 18, 1988

Upon receiving this word, they committed to praying about the future God had for them, and they continued to serve faithfully as youth pastors.  Their small group for teenagers grew and became the largest group meeting in the church.  However, they purposed in their heart to wait on God’s timing.  

Through a series of providential events they both knew it was time to begin a ministry specifically for youth.  It would meet on Wednesday and Sunday nights.  They set up a meeting with their pastor and before they could express their vision, he acknowledged that the Lord had already spoken to him, and he was to bless whatever they decided to do.  With excitement in their hearts, they left the meeting and soon started J.A.M. Ministries (Jesus Always Moving).

Two decades later, J.A.M. Ministries, now New Life Church, has blossomed into a ministry for people of all walks of life.  We still have a heart for young people, but we celebrate people of every age and ethnicity.  We have seen God’s faithfulness time and time again.  We have grown from a group of teenagers meeting in a converted gym to a three campus church, which ministers throughout the Augusta area and the world.  

Although our methods have changed, our message has not.  We are still preaching that Jesus came to give people an abundant life.  We are excited about the decades to come trusting that as God guides us we will see lives changed and impacted by the message of Jesus.

To learn more about New Life Church’s history read Pastor Rhonda’s exciting book Prayer, A Holy Occupation.