Life is better when experienced with others. We offer groups for those who want to gather together for fellowship. Below are several groups that meet throughout the month for social connection. To sign up and to learn more simply click the box of the group that meets your interest.


The Generations Ministry of New Life is a group for people 50+ that meets regularly on Sunday mornings for Bible study.  They also have monthly events in which they take day trips and other various outings. Click here to sign up!

Radiant Women

Radiant Women is a group designed to encourage genuine, closely-knit relationships among single women ages 35-50. Meets monthly at various locations. Click here to sign up!

Thrive Marrieds

This group develops a community that encourages your marriage to thrive! Turn struggles into victories as you grow spiritually and develop a deeper love for your spouse. Click here to sign up! 

Young Adults 18-25

Young Adults is a group that seeks to make the transition from the teen years to adulthood an easier one.  We provide fun monthly activities for young adults aged 18-25 to foster friendships and a sense of belonging and ownership. Click here to sign up!